24th January 2020

Mortgage Loan Easily and Quickly

IMS, staffed by qualified economists with extensive experience in the banking field, is the largest partner of Greek banks in mediation for the issuance of a housing loan without any direct or indirect financial burden for the borrower. With the help of specialized consultants, we find together the solution that best serves your needs.

Cost free credit assessment, letting you know the loan amount and interest rate we can get you on the same day.

We specialize in mortgage brokerage, acting in the best interest of our clients. We are paid exclusively for our services by the banking institutions, at no cost to the prospective borrower, whether he completes the disbursement process or withdraws at any stage of the process.

The contractual process for buying a house through bank financing is an affair that requires your time and attention for several weeks. Our team of expert advisors is able to handle all the necessary actions, coordinating all the parties involved for the issuance of home loans as well as guiding you to choose the best and most economical solution.

Στεγαστικό Δάνειο

Σχεδιάζουμε και υλοποιούμε το δάνειο αγοράς κατοικίας που ταιριάζει στις ξεχωριστές ανάγκες σου.

The relationship we have built with the banks and the volume of cases we handle, enables us to negotiate the best terms for you and offer a high level of mortgage services.

Our team has helped thousands of families own their own home and has over 3,000 mortgage disbursements to their credit.

Mortgage loan for your first home with a proper study of the data and financial strength, the final decision will be the right one.