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Of course! IMS in 2022 brokered the disbursement of a total amount of 25 million Euros, in mortgage loans involving foreign residents.

The complex process of the product requires experience and knowledge, characteristics which we have, as our members come from the financial and banking sector. The successful management and the consistency of our services is reflected in the high percentage approvability of our requests which reaches 90%, as well as, in the continuously increasing market share we hold in disbursed mortgages across the banking market, which exceeds 10%. Indicatively, in the year 2022 IMS intervened for the disbursement of a total amount of housing loans amounting to €135,000,000, while at the same time, the company manages an average of 4,000 active applications.

The important advantages of IMS are:  
Access to all products of the banking sector. IMS does not represent only one bank, but has in its quiver the products of the entire banking market. As a consequence, the customer can choose the bank that meets their needs.
Extended hours. At IMS, a prospective borrower can make an appointment in person or through our online services from 8:30 to 20:00.
Knowledge. The specialization of IMS executives in the specific product (over 20 years) results in the potential borrower being informed in detail about the operation and programs of a mortgage loan.
Effectiveness. IMS executives having processed tens of thousands of mortgages, have acquired a unique experience, which is passed on to customers. As a result, manages problems that may arise, both in the purchase of a residence and in the issue of a mortgage loan, successfully.

IMS is paid solely and exclusively by the financial institutions with which it cooperates with. Our fee is derived from the contract we have entered into with the bank and is paid once upon disbursement of the loan.
As our customer and prospective borrower, you are not charged for our services in no way, directly or indirectly.

IMS is licensed as a credit broker and is supervised by Bank of Greece. Therefore, we work mediating for housing loans based on bank standards.

You can apply for funding for the following purposes:
• Home purchase loan
• Land purchase loan
• Home repair loan
• Home construction – finishing loan
• Consumer loan with property collateral
• Home purchase and repair loan
• Land purchase loan and home construction

There are basically three options:
- a fixed interest rate, which remains unchanged for an agreed period of time
- a floating interest rate, which is linked to the Euribor rate plus a spread, which remains fixed throughout the period of the loan.
- a fixed and float interest rate, which is fixed for the first years and floating for the rest of the years (for example, in the first 5 years the interest rate will be fixed and for the rest of the years floating).

From the expression of interest by the prospective borrower up to the happy outcome of the disbursement, there are seven basic steps, through which the trained associates of IMS will guide you safely, consistently and with full knowledge of the procedures…
Mortgage application
Financial pre-approval
Legal – technical inspection
Final approval
Property prenotation

By receiving a financial pre-approval from the bank, you will have an official answer for the loan amount and installment you can support. This will help you to search for the property that suits you according to your capabilities. In addition to that, you will gain valuable time without the slightest commitment or financial burden.

No, for every mortgage there must be a financing purpose. Therefore, if I have already bought the property there is no reason to grant a loan from the bank.

Commercial value is defined as the estimated value by its cooperating bank engineer, according to specific criteria and after checking the supporting documents of the property and autopsy. It is not directly related to either the market value or the objective value.

For each mortgage loan for which the bank takes the property as collateral of the borrower, it is mandatory to have fire and earthquake insurance which will cover the cost of restoration in the event of damage from the risks mentioned.
The cost of home insurance is proportional to the construction cost of the collateral property and not to the loan amount. Optionally, an additional life insurance can be obtained regarding the loan, which will cover the borrower’s family for loss of life, but also for permanent and total disability.

Mortgage costs are classified into two categories and relate to:

The administrative costs of the bank, which include legal fees, technical inspection and lawyer fees for consent and prenotation purposes. These are predetermined lump sums depending on the bank, regardless of the loan amount.
The prenotation fees, which include the fees and rights of the mortgage office / cadastral office, as well as the costs of issuing a cadastral diagram. These are lump sums depending on the loan amount, regardless of the bank releasing the loan.

The costs of examination of a request, the costs of legal and technical control and its remuneration of the bank's lawyer for the pre-note are not included in the loan. The specific costs are separated and paid in one sum by the borrower. Fire and earthquake insurance is also a separate liability and not included in the loan installment.

A prospective buyer who intends to acquire a residence in need of repair, can be financed in parallel for the purchase and repair of the property. Accordingly, for the acquisition of an unfinished house, he can be financed with a mortgage loan for the purchase and its completion.

The monthly installment you pay at the bank may no longer be ideal for you. At IMS we know perfectly well the programs offered by the banks, as well as the policy of each one of them on this issue; thus, we are able to help you find the ideal solution for you.
Early repayment of your loan (partial or total) is possible based on terms, either during the floating rate period, or during the fixed rate period (Exceptions apply regarding the fixed period).

You can contact us by calling our company phones (09:00- 17:00) or by filling out the contact form on our website, so that one of our consultants will be in touch with you as soon as possible and set an appointment from 8:30 until 20:00. Next, we will help you choose the mortgage program that suits your financial profile and needs.
The meeting with our specialized team can take place in the offices of IMS or online during the hours that serve you best

Our relationship with credit institutions is based on bank assurance privacy and the contracts we have entered into.IMS has fully adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) as became affective on 25 May 2018. In addition, IMS has implemented the international standards for information security: standard ISO 27001, having received the relevant certification.


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IMS, staffed by qualified economists with extensive experience in the banking field, is the largest partner of Greek banks in mediation for the issuance of a housing loan without any direct or indirect financial burden for the borrower. With the help of specialized consultants, we find together the solution that best serves your needs.