Legal services


The IMS Company provides Legal Services of a high professional level. Our Legal Service has specialized in Property Law and Real Estate Law for over 20 years. 

The legal support of the clients is continuous at any stage for the completion of the purchase and sale and the granting of the housing loan. 

legal services
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The services provided cover, for example: 

Buyer Representation
  • Control of property titles over 20 years old. Information on the existence of claims, disputes, pre-notifications of mortgages and mortgages, foreclosures as well as the registration and study of licensors’ titles following a check at the competent Mortgage Offices and Land Registry Offices. 
  • Review of draft Sales Contracts, Pre-Sale Agreements, Παράσταση κατά την υπογραφή του συμβολαίου.
  • Performance at the signing of the contract. 
  • Performance for the registration of a Mortgage Pre-Note – Mortgage. Drafting of any relevant petition to remove, extinguish and delete mortgage and mortgage pre-note. 
Legal services

We design and implement the loan that suits your unique needs.

  • Coordination of all parties involved in matters related to buying and selling 
  • Resolving legal issues that arise during the development of the mortgage loan process. 
  • Representation of the buyer by proxy for the entire process of buying and selling and issuing a housing loan.  
  • Full representation by proxy for the whole process of buying and selling and issuing a housing loan, Foreign Residents. 
Representation of Seller
  • Gathering, issuing the required certificates for signing the contract, inheritance allowances, parental benefits. 
  • Performance at the signing of the contract