15th July 2020

Housing Loan for Residents Abroad

The relationship we have built with the banks and the large number of cases we undertake, enables us to negotiate the best terms for you and to offer high quality services regarding your mortgage.

Our team has helped thousands of families buy their own home and it has mediated in more than 3,000 home loan disbursements.

IMS with its well-qualified economists, who have extensive experience in the banking sector, is the largest partner of the Greek banks in mediation for the issuance of a mortgage loan without any direct or indirect financial cost for the borrower. With the help of specialized consultants, we shall find together the solution that best serves your needs.

We are specialized in the mediation for the issuance of mortgages on behalf of our customers and their needs. We are paid exclusively for our services by the financial institutions, at no cost for the prospective mortgage holder, whether they complete the disbursement process or withdraw at any stage of the process.

Mortgage Loan

We design and implement the loan that suits your unique needs.

Our company has the ability to provide housing loans for Greeks or residents in countries of the European Union or other countries.

The conventional process of buying a home through bank financing is a case that requires your time and attention for several weeks. Our team of expert advisors is able to undertake on your behalf to carry out all the necessary procedures, coordinating all stakeholders for the issuance of your house loan, as well as to guide you to choose the best and most economical solution.